Hi, I'm Matt, and I'm obsessed with using the new medium to make they way we think about mathematics, statistics and everything else easier.

Here are some of my projects and musings:

Doing Maths on Computers

The dream - watch the video:

Pencil and paper is still the best way to do mathematical working. I think we should be able to do better with the interactivity afforded to us by computers.


An implementation of some of the features from the video. It's not as beginner-friendly as I'm aiming for, but I'm learning a lot from making it.

Try Online GitHub (and Instructions)

More thoughts

What's wrong with doing maths on pencil and paper?


Try this problem:

Three scientific studies are beings set up - the first (i) is recruiting two-child families where "the oldest sibling is a daughter", the second (ii) recruiting two-child familites where "one of the children is a daughter" and the third (iii) recruiting two-child families where "one of the children is a daughter that was born on a Wednesday".

What is the probability that the other child is a boy in each study?

People always struggle to believe that the answer to (iii) is different to (ii). Probability is hard.

The dream - to make a general-purpose visual programming language for modelling probabalistic scenarios. Given that a model is just a story, we let the user draw a story board and have the computer calculate the probabilities, instead of having to apply Bayesian calculations themeselves.

Summer Research Project

I did a summer research project in the summer of 2021 very similar to this. I will add details here as soon as they are published.

Quantum Computing

The dream - could it be possible to make even quantum computing intuitive with the right visual metaphors and interactions?

Qubits Minecraft Mod

A mod that adds Redstone-controlled qubits to Minecraft.

GitHub and Downloads

Quantum Kings

A game set in a medieval kingdom that is cursed with various quantum situations that aims to slowly introduce quantum concepts eventually leading up to the Deutsch-Jozsa problem.

Play Online GitHub

The Bible

The dream - The Bible is not just a poorly organised collection of quotes, but a collection of different types of literature that make up an overarching story. I want to be able to know where in the story the quote fits and what sort of literature we're looking at.

The Old Testament

An overview of how the Old Testament books fit together.

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A survey about how many sandwiches you get when you cut sandwiches.

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